Bloor West Deep Tissue Massage Therapists

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Bloor West Deep Tissue Massage Therapists
The Bloor West Village is a popular Toronto area. The neighbourhood boasts proximity to High Park, transit, and a number of excellent schools. The community has much more to recommend it, too, including a wide variety of specialty clothing stores that draw shoppers from all over the city, numerous restaurants and cafes, and a range of services.
Bloor West Village is also a great destination for those seeking alternative health treatments, especially massage therapy. There are a number of highly skilled registered massage therapists in the Village, and they offer various types of massage. One of these is Deep Tissue Massage, a type of treatment that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissues and the inner sections of thick muscles. Deep tissue massage aims to release chronic forms of tension in the body through deep pressure and slow strokes on the targeted area.
Why Choose Deep Tissue Massage?
If you go to a spa, you may see a number of different types of massage available. These might range from hot stone massage to reflexology to Shiatsu, from aromatherapy massage to Thai massage to the most popular type, Swedish massage.
You may want to opt for one of these types of massage if you are suffering from stress. Most types of massage are relaxing and relatively gentle. They help to relieve stress and improve blood flow to the extremities.
Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, is more intense and focused. Rather than concentrating on a whole area, deep tissue massage targets problem areas. It is often concentrated on the muscles of the neck and back and the connective fascia that lies beneath the muscles.
You may be a prime candidate for deep tissue massage if:
  • You are an athlete or are involved in heavy physical activity. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve strain and tension in muscles that are overworked. It can also help to get rid of scar tissue and increase flexibility.
  • You are experiencing chronic pain in a particular muscle group. Chronic muscle pain usually means that your body is overcompensating for something – perhaps bending or standing in a certain position in order to do your job.
  • You suffer from chronic pain, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, or fibromyalgia. Some patients with these problems find the intense pressure of deep tissue massage relieves their pain. People suffering from edema may find that swelling is reduced after deep tissue massage.
Therapeutic Effects of Deep Tissue Massage
Some of the other benefits of this type of massage may include correction of bad posture, relief from muscular soreness, an increase in overall fitness, and relaxation of muscles and tendons.
Some people find the intense pressure exerted during deep tissue massage uncomfortable, and following a deep tissue massage, most people feel stiff and sore for about a day. You can combat this by having a warm bath in Epsom salts or a sauna following the massage, or by applying ice packs to the sore areas. Any side effects should disappear quickly, leaving you feeling better than you did before.
Explore what deep tissue massage can do for you – call a Bloor West Village registered massage therapist today.
Royal York Massage Therapy
4237 Dundas St. W.
Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Y3

Verified Reviews:

Great Experience
Steve F - Apr. 2nd, 2013

Yesterday was my first time getting a professional massage. It was better than I imagined and was a great deal of relief on my back. Quite possibly the best hour of the week! Will be going here again! Clean warm atmosphere and courteous staff.….Read more

Great Massage. Great Service!
Lindsay Thornton - Mar. 27th, 2013

Melanie is incredible if you want a deep tissue massage! I went in with a terrible knot in my lower back and she got to the root of it. She is also so approachable and easy to chat with. I have been to MANY massage therapists in the GTA and she is one of the best!!…Read more

Alex is a great RMT for runners
Sherri F - Mar. 13th, 2013

I run regularly and suffer from minor stiffness. Recently, I did some strength work that had me very tight in the glutes, hamstrings, lower back - I could tell that this was leading to some further issues so I went to Alex for relief.Read more

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